Additional Features of a Night Vision Camera

When it comes to digital home security system, a night vision camera is quite important, as it helps you to have an appropriate scrutiny, offering high resolution images with the use of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It assists in being able to capture images even when the area is completely dark. With today’s hi-tech night vision surveillance systems, you can easily get an effective after-hours video footage. But before you consider purchasing one for your house, you should first know how to select it.

In general, night vision security cameras protect criminal activity; enable you to identify the intruders and you can even provide the footage as evidence for further investigation. You will be able to view the recorded and live footage through an internet connection remotely. However, with some added features, these devices offer extra advantages. Some of these added features are discussed below:

Colour Cameras

While shopping for the surveillance system with night vision, you will come across the colour and black & white cameras. In order to determine the type of display, the lighting effect of your environment will play an important role. If your surrounding is well lit, then a colour camera will work perfectly. Even though the resolution of a colour surveillance system is low, it is more advantageous as you can easily identify the images in the footage with all the specific details.

Competent Outdoor and Indoor System

 Both the outdoor and indoor digital surveillance systems are important for the security of your house. But, each of them should be selected according to the requirements. On one hand as an outdoor system should be water and dust proof to ensure that it will remain operational in any kind of weather condition, on the other, the weather proof feature is not required when it comes to an indoor device.

Motion Detector

 Motion detector capability also plays its role very effectively. This special feature is able to scan any trace of movement within the surrounding area and immediately captures and records the situation using the DVR’s software. While selecting the motion detector camera, you should consider the sensitivity level so that it doesn’t begin to move at the slightest of movements of any object.

Type of Connectivity

A wireless or a wired device is determined by the recording conditions and its surrounding environment. The wired device works efficiently to produce high quality images both for the indoor and outdoor systems. An added advantage of the wireless night vision system is that it cannot be noticed by any intruder who may have the intention to break-in into your house.

 Therefore, if you need digital surveillance solution for your house, mini security cameras with night vision, having all the added features as discussed above, is what you can have. With such systems you will be able to have an easy job in taking charge of the security of your home.




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