gili islands is a district located in the Southeast of Sumenep Madura. According to the Tourism Sumenep, this island has an area of ​​approximately 30.318876 km2 (1.45% of the area of ​​Sumenep). Meanwhile, the population numbered 23 422 inhabitants (according to 2003 data). Almost all the inhabitants of this island are the Madurese. The majority of communities migrated to Jakarta, attack offerings, carbon, Surabaya and Kalimantan they are on average there opened a store agent groceries and entrepreneurial Shasta other, while the youth to continue their studies out of the island such as mole, school and college in the town of Sumenep, Pamekasan Bangkalan, Surabaya, Malang, Yogyakarta and Jakarta even abroad.
Subdistrict Gili Genting formed on 7 april 1982 legalized by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Suharto in Jakarta. first island Gili Genting his district Bluto. Government Regulation No. 7/1982, Article 8 of the formation of districts Gili Genting propensity region area east of Java level 1, Shaping District Gili Genting in Sumenep district level region II, which includes the Village area Aenganyar, Gedugan, Bringsang, Galis, Banbaru, Banmaleng, Lombang, Jete Subdistrict Giligenting has two official inhabited islands with each 4 heads of villages per island.
Despite being under one district, naming the island is different, namely the islands and islets Giligenting Giliraja The village on the island of Gili Genting is Aeng Anyar and Galis – that is located in the west, while the east there Bringsang row and Gedugan.
For Gili Raja, the east is villages Lombang, JATE village jutting into the south, and the village Banbaru and Banmaleng.

Kahuripan beach name has not been popular for travel enthusiasts travelling and beaches. Indeed, in the tourist pamphlet brochure map Sumenep, Kahuripan beach name is not listed and does not even enter the category as a natural tourist destination beach.
But the beauty of a beach will be felt when visited and enjoyed the location where the beach is located. Compared to the beaches in Sumenep, such as beach Salopeng and Lombang, beach Kahuripan much more natural, and even untouched as tourism activities, except local people to just walk enjoying the feel of the beach.

In Kahuripan in the estimate contains a lot of oil and gas, June 1993 in Kahuripan ever done in oil and gas drilling that worked on by foreign investors, namely Australia, but there are no results, in 2006 have been found back in the mine gas in the southern waters of the island Gili Genting, which is called block Meleo are at work on the PT Santos. Drilling has been 100%. in the prediction of discharge gas reserves are able to produce over the next 10 years with an average production of 110 million cubic feet per day. Gas exploration success in Gili Genting will have a positive impact on revenue (PAD) which impact on development in Sumenep, especially on the island Gili Genting.

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