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Medical Malpractices Done By Medical Professionals

Medical malpractice refers to a doctor’s failure to adhere to professional obligations of service resulting in injury to the patient. The malpractice is as a result of doctor’s inattention leading to dire mistakes. Determining whether an act is a malpractice involves checking whether it was different from the way other medical practitioners would have done. An example of a malpractice is when a patient attendant gives different drugs to a patient from what was initially prescribed by a medical expert.

Surgical practices form the largest percentage of negligence and malpractice cases. A surgical doctor might operate a patient from the wrong organ. Others leave a surgical tool inside the body of the patient after stitching the wound. Some practices may not reach the level of being considered to be malpractices. Most of the decisions are well thought of before concluding a practice is a malpractice or not. There are various practices in the medical profession that may fall under the category of the malpractices.

Medical chart errors result from a nurse making mistakes in recording wrong information on a medical chart which results to wrong treatment of a patient. This may include wrong medication or an inaccurate medical procedure. This may lead to severe effects of improper treatment.
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Other malpractices that are obvious in the medical profession are incorrect prescription. The doctor may form a wrong opinion of drugs for an individual disease while the pharmacist may administer different medicines intended for a certain disease. The doctor may ignore the current medication of a patient, therefore, giving different drugs which can cause harm to the patient. This results from the doctor ignoring a patient’s medical history.
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Wrong anesthesia by anesthesiologists is an ordinary happening in the surgery rooms. Anesthesia helps the patient stay asleep the whole period of the operation and giving an incorrect one may cause the patient wake in the middle of an operation.

The doctors may fail to make a correct diagnosis for a certain disease or even delay the diagnosis which gives the disease time to spread to acute levels. Cancer patients are the ones most affected if the doctor delays the diagnosis.

Childbirth malpractices are mistakes made during the birth of a child. The malpractices result to the mother and the child losing life or become incapacitated. Insurance companies incur a lot of money from cases of birth malpractice. Commonly, the patient who the malpractice has been performed end up filing a case in the court seeking for appropriate compensation from the medical facility. If the parties do not for a real opinion on how much should be paid; the matter is left to the judge of the court to give his verdict. Other cases of gross misconduct and negligence results to revocation of the doctor’s medical license.

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