Top 5 Expert Wig Styling Tips

Are you a wig owner yet unaware of how to style yours? Or planning to buy one but wondering would it always make me look good? If so, you are at the right place to get your answers! Our experts, who have been working as hair stylists and wig experts are revealing the top five tips that would help you style your wigs and look different and adorable every time you wear it!

Style to give it a natural look

Manufactured wigs with an excess of sparkle look fake and unnatural. To limit sparkle, sprinkle a little hair powder on your wig, and afterward brush through for a more common look or purchase a spray bottle, fill it with cool water and gently spritz your wig while styling. Spraying the wig with fresh water and utilizing your fingers to style can rejuvenate limp strands or smooth frizz without washing the whole wig while eliminating the static electricity. Following this process while styling will allow your wig to look real and blend into your handsomeness perfectly.

Use wig care products

To style your wig and keep it looking delightful, appropriate care products are fundamental. Synthetic wigs require care items particularly produced for wigs. For human hair wigs, apply the products without sulfate as they maintain their color and shine and only use styling and washing items intended for use with synthetic wigs. For example, a wig spray or gel produced particularly for synthetic wigs can be used to hold your style.

Play with the hair styles

When it comes to styling, the best advice is to give your wig a style which is close to the current style you have. This is because God made us with the best configuration hence all the features we naturally have are the ones that are likely to suit us the most. However, it’s good to try diverse hairstyles on different occasions and situations.

Wear your wig while getting it styled

Another tip to effective styling is to cut your wig. Modify your look by having an expert hair stylist with wig cutting knowledge who can trim and shape your wig as per your requirements. Also, Make sure that you get it trimmed while you are wearing it so that the look that is customized to your specific face shape. You can do this by wearing a jaw strap which holds the wig in place while it is being cut or styled. This avoids slippage and guarantees that you get your style looking perfect.

Beware of the possible damage while styling

Firstly, never brush a wet wig and when brushing your dry wig, always utilize a brush or comb particularly intended to use with wigs, as ordinary brushes made for normal hair can pull on and harm the wig strands. Secondly, try not to utilize warmed styling devices with wigs that are not particularly named as “heat resistant” or 100% human hair.

The heat will harm the fibers of your wig and can burn them, destroying the wig.  In the end, of course after attaining your desired hairstyle, you would want to get your wig back in its original shape; so to give back your wig its unique style, wash the wig in cool water using shampoos and conditioners intended for use with wigs, and air dry. This will permit the strands to come back to their unique state and give you a fresh start for unlimited styling in future.

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