What Does Science Tell Us About Successful Relationships?

There are thousands of blogs, forums, sites, articles, and other sources of information regarding successful relationships where people share from a personal experience that nobody really knows what science can tell us about successful relationships.

Whether it is Mature Dating Online or dating at a young age, we still want to know how to make the relationship we cherish so much work.

Each of us has definitely seen elderly couples holding hands while walking in a park. And the first thought we get is: “I also want to have that special person with whom I can live happily and grow older”.

Believe it or not but there is no formula that can help to determine how good your relationships are but there is a growing body of research that focuses on the science of successful and healthy relationships.

Successful Relationships

Love lasts forever, doesn’t it?

  1. Listen to your intuition.  When listening to your gut feelings, it is possible to know how happy the relationship will be over time. The research shows that even newlyweds know the outcome of the marriage.  In simple words, if you are dating or are married but feel like something is just not right, then most probably it really isn’t and the time will only prove it. It works the same the other way around.
  2. Communicate. It has never been a secret that communication is the key to success and if it is poor, and there are conflicts regarding money, then there is no point in expecting positive results. Researches confirm that the majority of marriages end in a divorce. When divorced people were asked about regrets and what they would want to change, the answers surprised everyone – there was simply a lack of affection, touching, caressing, and emotional support from both sides. Another point that led them to divorces was a concern about finances. For instance, somebody earns more/less, or somebody is spending way too much, or somebody is lying about money, etc. To avoid such situations, spend time with each other discussing financial issues and don’t forget to care about your second half.
  3. Enjoy the time together. Interaction and nice pastimes have only positive effect on a relationship. That’s why, have fun, go to amusement parks, enjoy adventures, choose a hobby that would be suitable for both of you, etc. The study shows that such relationships are much happier and longer.

Human relationships are something that depends mainly on humans themselves. If you and your partner are both willing to contribute to the relationship, it will definitely work out for the best.