Why Must Click To Call Ad

Finding the Humor in Search Engine Marketing

Why Must Click To Call Ad

Spend some time searching for keywords that interest you on Google or another search engine and see which ads and links catch your eye. Click on the links that immediately get your attention and see what ads placed on those websites really get your attention. You will probably find that those with a bit of edge, humor, or wit tend to grab your attention more than those that just present a keyword or some generic slogan.
It is so easy to put up marketing campaigns that are technically correct but very dry. Some can be downright boring, but marketers don’t notice or don’t seem to care as long as some results are seen from the campaign. The problem is even more results could be seen if the time was taken to put something more original and entertaining … Read More

Holding a Digital Camera

There are a few basic guidelines pertaining to the technique of holding a digital camera which should be ideally adhered to by all photographers, especially beginners and amateurs. The foremost among these is the recommendation to hold the right side of the camera with one’s right hand in such a way that while the forefinger hovers over the shutter release, the other three fingers are curled in front of the camera and the thumb grips the back of the camera.

Likewise, the position of the left hand varies in accordance with the type and model of the digital camera as long as the basic requisite of providing support for the weight of the camera is met with. Therefore, the ideal position for the left hand is to be placed either underneath the camera or alternatively around the lens. Generally, most of the later versions of cameras feature grips or impressions … Read More

TheStreet, Founded by Jim Cramer, Taps Small-Business Loans

(Bloomberg) — The parent company of TheStreet Inc., a financial news website co-founded by media personality Jim Cramer, received a $5.7 million loan as part of a program aimed at helping U.S. small businesses weather the pandemic.

The loan was included in documents released by the federal government on Monday chronicling the $669 billion Paycheck Protection Program. A spokesman for TheMaven Inc., which acquired TheStreet in 2019 for $16.5 million, said that for “ease-of-process” reasons the borrowing was taken out under TheStreet’s name, but that it was for the entire consolidated company, which owns media properties such as Sports Illustrated.

Cramer, who still supplies content to TheStreet under a deal that followed its acquisition by TheMaven, has been critical of how banks handled the Paycheck Protection Program. In April, he slammed financial institutions for approving loans to larger companies than should have been allowed. A spokesperson for CNBC, where Cramer

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No politics, please! HK finance professionals impose self-censorship after security law

By Sumeet Chatterjee and Scott Murdoch

HONG KONG, July 2 (Reuters) – A year ago, growing anti-government demonstrations in Hong Kong were a hot topic in conversations among bankers, lawyers and other investment professionals in one of the world’s biggest and freest financial hubs.

On Thursday, two days after China imposed a controversial new security law on the city, you could almost hear a pin drop. Bankers were tight lipped, shunning any mention of the legislation over the phone or messaging apps in a sign of how much disquiet it has triggered.

More than half a dozen people Reuters spoke to said they chose not to talk about the impact of the law on their businesses with their colleagues and external contacts, though there had been no such official instruction from their respective organizations.

The sweeping legislation pushed the semi-autonomous city, which is the regional home for a large number

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The Best Digital Camera For Under $200

Who has the time to shift through reams of product reviews, or spend a half a day driving around malls talking with salespeople? Half the time, you don’t know what or who to believe, and all the tech talk seems to turn a simple purchase into a major event. If your looking to get the best digital camera available for under $200, you’ve come to the right place. There are a couple of good cameras (3 at most) to consider in this category. The remaining 90% of models in this category can be safely ignored.

Over last Christmas, I had to make the same type of purchase. I didn’t have a lot of time, and the wife thought a digital camera for her parents would be a great idea. As much as I’m a lover of technology, I wasn’t convinced this was a good idea. They’ve never owned a digital … Read More