Why Must Click To Call Ad

Finding the Humor in Search Engine Marketing

Why Must Click To Call Ad

Spend some time searching for keywords that interest you on Google or another search engine and see which ads and links catch your eye. Click on the links that immediately get your attention and see what ads placed on those websites really get your attention. You will probably find that those with a bit of edge, humor, or wit tend to grab your attention more than those that just present a keyword or some generic slogan.
It is so easy to put up marketing campaigns that are technically correct but very dry. Some can be downright boring, but marketers don’t notice or don’t seem to care as long as some results are seen from the campaign. The problem is even more results could be seen if the time was taken to put something more original and entertaining … Read More

What Exactly Can Kinect for Xbox 360 Do?

Kinect for Xbox 360 is originally known by the code name Project Natal, but Microsoft felt Kinect was a more appropriate name. In a nutshell, Kinect is based on a webcam-style peripheral for the Xbox 360 console that enables gamers to play, control, and interact with the Xbox 360 without using a controller whatsoever.

As the name implies, Kinect lets you control gameplay through gestures, spoken commands, and presented objects and images. Currently, Kinect for Xbox 360 is in competition with Wii Remote, Wii Motion Plus and Play Station Move.

Sounds like the stuff of Star Wars and other sci-fi futuristic movies, right? Actually, I’m reminded of Michael and Janet Jackson’s video Scream where the siblings engage in a costly CGI video game of racquetball smashing the vases battle. Not exactly what Kinect for Xbox 360 can do as of the moment, but you get the gist of it.

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Germany’s Green Power Finance Is Becoming Unaffordable

(Bloomberg) — The German program that’s spurred the nation’s switch to green power is buckling under the weight of surging costs and needs an urgent fix.

That’s the assessment of one of the scheme’s chief designers, Hans Josef Fell. Designed in 2000 to enable Germany to meet United Nations pledges on climate change, it has pushed renewable energy to make up over 50% of the nation’s energy capacity.

Yet the system’s increasing costs have become glaring in the during the coronavirus pandemic, the veteran Green Party lawmaker said. High and guaranteed payments made to investors in clean power plants are the problem Fell said in an interview.

German power consumers have to contribute to help finance the payments through a surcharge in their monthly electricity bills, and a quirk of how they’re calculated threatens to send the program’s costs skyrocketing, he said.

Power consumers make up the difference between payments

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Use the SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera to Protect Your Home

SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera Product Overview:

Your home is your castle, and protecting your castle is a job that involves a little bit more than simply locking your doors at night. Advances in hidden camera technology have given birth to the SleuthGear XtremeLife long-life battery-powered hidden camera system, which allows you to monitor your yard and your home for up to ONE YEAR on a single battery charge.

Catch the vandals who toilet papered your house, or a thief who tries to get into your house when you are away! You can even get evidence of exactly who is stealing your newspaper every morning! The XtremeLife Rock camera will record it all.

The XtremeLife Rock Camera is a completely waterproof hidden camera that you can place anywhere in your yard – by your porch, by a fence, next to a tree, or anywhere you want – and it will … Read More

How to Monitor Your Home Using Your Mobile Phone

When the technology was not much advanced, you had to rely on the mercy and support of your neighbors to help you keep a watch on your house while you were away. Now with the different advanced technologies available in the market and the private companies offering their service to you, you can leave your house easily without any tensions and yet monitor your home using your mobile phone.

The GPS Method

There are plenty of ways that help you monitor your home using your mobile phone even if you are miles away. One of the methods employs the use of GPS systems that can be placed in areas of importance inside the essential or valuable items in your home. If someone breaks into your house and removes the item, you get an alert on your Smartphone. As soon as you get the alert, you get into touch with your … Read More