Day: May 28, 2020

Costly Electric Vehicles Confront a Harsh Coronavirus Reality

(Bloomberg) — At a factory near Germany’s border with the Czech Republic, Volkswagen AG’s ambitious strategy to become the global leader in electric vehicles is coming up against the reality of manufacturing during a pandemic.

The Zwickau assembly lines, which produce the soon-to-be released ID.3 electric hatchback, are the centerpiece of a plan by the world’s biggest automaker to spend 33 billion euros ($36 billion) by 2024 developing and building EVs. At the site, where an East German automaker built the diminutive Trabant during the Cold War, VW eventually wants to churn out as many as 330,000 cars annually. That would make Zwickau one of Europe’s largest electric-car factories—and help the company overtake Tesla Inc. in selling next-generation vehicles.

But Covid-19 is putting VW’s and other automakers’ electric ambitions at risk. The economic crisis triggered by the pandemic has pushed the auto industry, among others, to near-collapse, emptying showrooms and

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Videos And Cameras

Greater number of frames ensures that each detail is captured in the footage and videos are seldom choppy as in other camera phone recorded videos. They also offer extensive background information for all featured artist, including bios, discographies, photos, videos and lyrics. When viewing videos of those special moments, we have all felt that we were re-living the actual experiences.

You can also shoot videos wit this camera. There are a lot more free videos to watch than I expected. There are aerobic videos that emphasize different parts of the body, your spine, neck, shoulders, arms, legs etc.

Shoot any event as it happen in videos and share with those who missed it. Several complete videos demonstrating in detail how to use some of the advanced features of these programs are included in the member’s areas. You can also record and play videos on your very own K610i white.

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