Day: June 2, 2020

Looking For a Good HD Camcorder For YouTube?

So you took a great video and you want everyone to know (and see) it. What better place to post it in this day and age than YouTube? Although you can post just about any video format on YouTube (it doesn’t have to be.avi), the quality of your video when posted can definitely be affected by the type of camcorder used to shoot it. In addition, you’ll generally want something that’s lightweight, can take good quality video in different lighting conditions, and makes the internet-ready video process easier – so you can just shoot, save, plug in, and upload. Here are some solid recommendations for YouTube-ready video recording:

1) Pure Digital Flip Mino HD. This was the first camcorder designed specifically for YouTube – which means the quality isn’t perfect and the videos are meant for a Web page, not an HDTV. But if you’re looking for the convenience of … Read More