Day: June 7, 2020

Japan’s finance minister says country’s low mortality rate due to superior social manners

Taro Aso has sparked controversy with his comments - ISSEI KATO/REUTERS
Taro Aso has sparked controversy with his comments – ISSEI KATO/REUTERS

Japan’s finance minister has sparked controversy by attributing the nation’s low coronavirus mortality rate to the superiority of its social manners.

Taro Aso, who is also deputy prime minister, made his remarks during a parliamentary session as Japan starts to reopen for business after the nationwide state of emergency ended last week.

“I often got phone calls [from people overseas] asking ‘do you have any drug that only you guys have?” said Aso, who has something of a reputation for controversial comments. “My answer is the level of social manners is different – and then they fall silent.”

Critics highlighted how Aso used the Japanese word mindo, which loosely translates as “cultural standard” and is often used by politicians to invoke a sense of nationalism and ethnic superiority.

Renho, vice chair of the Constitutional Democratic Party

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Sony Xperia Z5 Review

The smartphone that we all have wanted but never were lucky enough to see is finally here. Sony has yet gain exceeded expectations and finally tended to the needs and wants of its countless fans. Having launched another phone in the ultimate Xperia series, the Z5 is probably the best one out there and here is why.


After Xperia S/P some users implied that the design was not as comfortable and elegant as they were hoping for. The Z5 that just came out in 2015 is all for it. Having an elegant and unique body, rectangular, but curved at the sides for better grip and the back just screams out awesomeness when a person takes a look at the wonderful back with the camera just on the top left even though it has the qualities to show off.

The phone is 5.7″ in height, and 0.28″ thickness can make … Read More