Day: June 25, 2020

Doorstep lender Non-Standard Finance denies it is on brink of collapse

John Van Kuffeler CEO of Non-Standard Finance
John Van Kuffeler CEO of Non-Standard Finance

The boss of Non-Standard Finance denied the doorstep lender was “on the brink” after it revealed the Covid crisis had sparked material uncertainty about whether it can continue as a going concern. 

NSF could be forced to ask shareholders for fresh investment as the pandemic recession imperils its access to funding. 

The company, which lends money at high interest rates to more than 100,000 consumers with poor credit ratings, temporarily halted lending during lockdown and only managed to start handing out money again last month. 

John van Kuffeler, chief executive of NSF, said his company had suffered a difficult and disappointing 18 months but insisted an economic downturn was an opportunity to win more business as consumers struggle to access cash. 

He said: “We are not on the brink. We are a highly experienced team who know exactly what to do and

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Camera ViewFinders Capture Vacations, Holidays and Nostalgia

People love to take pictures of almost everything that happens in their lives. It is not very unusual because we are naturally attracted to keeping our memories intact and long lasting. The invention of the camera was one of the pioneering steps for human kind in recording our personal and cultural history. There are a lot of things that can be told by just looking into a photograph. As the old cliché says, a picture can paint a thousand words. And who needs words when you have pictures.

During the times of the first people on earth, they learned that graphical representations of events are more likely to have an impact in the relating of the story than just telling the story on its own. Stories that have an adverse effect on the way our ancestors interacted with one another and the environment that they were living in.

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