Day: June 27, 2020

Brett Conti left his unfulfilling finance job and started a skateboard empire

When Brett Conti started his internship at a finance firm, he knew almost immediately that this was not the career path he wanted. 

“I didn’t just want to be a robot,” Conti told In The Know. “I wanted to do something much bigger.”

A big part of his life up to that point had been skateboarding, but he did it for fun and had no intention of turning that hobby into a full-time job.

But when he was injured and had to take a break for six months, he turned to another creative passion of his: Clothing. Bored and feeling stuck in his college dorm, he started making pocket t-shirts and hats with his grandmother’s sewing machine.

Conti’s grandfather owned a textile company and Conti grew up learning about different fabrics and the fundamentals of creating clothes. Again, this was another interest of his that he never planned on turning

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Maximizing the Use of Your Trail Game Camera

As most deer hunters have found out over the years one of their most effective tactics for success is being in the woods before the season starts to assist them in finding out where they are. Travel patterns for deer change as often as the weather sometimes as most of us are aware. This is not just an analogy either, if you have hunted deer for any amount of time you aware that as the weather changes so does the deer movement. The only way to get a handle on their movement is by observing the deer as much as possible so that you have an idea of how such things as the weather, the lunar cycles, the combine in the corn field, affect them. The unfortunate part of this is that most of us do not have the time to follow them through all of these.

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