Day: June 29, 2020

Harris Poll and Yahoo Finance partner for ongoing polling of investors

NEW YORK, June 29, 2020 — The Harris Poll and Yahoo Finance, part of Verizon Media, have formed an exclusive partnership to conduct an ongoing poll of investors, market and consumer trends. The new surveys will enable Yahoo Finance to provide an additional stream of data-based coverage crucial to the over 80 million people who turn to the site every month for financial and business news.

“As market research experts, we understand the link between consumer sentiment and the market performance of brands,” says Will Johnson, CEO of The Harris Poll. “We’re here to help Yahoo Finance readers see that link, so they can be wiser about their investment decisions and achieve their investment goals, whether that’s a secure retirement, the purchase of a home, affording tuition for their children or to launch a new business.”

“Yahoo Finance connects our audience with the best experts, tools and information they need

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The Digital Camera USB Cable- How Your Camera And Computer Talk

Perhaps you’ve been a photographer for as long as you can remember, and been messing around in the darkroom almost as long as that. You know how to turn your photos into the sort of prints that you friends want gracing their walls.

But even you could not turn your back on the digital camera revolution. You have always had a bit of a moral dilemma because you know that your dark room chemicals are not the kinds of substances you want in the water supply, and you also know that, in spite of the snob appeal of the 35mm camera, your digital camera just as capable and much more fun. And you’ve learned the magic of digital camera photograph editing software, which lets you duplicate all the darkroom effects you took years to master, in less than an afternoon.

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