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Protests shed light on why ‘black founders matter’ in startups, business

Widespread protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd have also put a spotlight on a lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the boardroom, a venture capitalist told Yahoo Finance this week, who described the issue as an opportunity for change.

Angel investor Lorine Pendleton, the lead investor for the Rising American Fund with Portfolia, said that the current social upheaval is putting a needed spotlight on issues that pertain to class and wealth. That includes the need to tackle the dearth of minorities on Wall Street, Silicon Valley and in board rooms.

The problem is “really systemic,” Pendleton told Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” in an interview, adding that the Black Lives Matter movement is “actually shedding a light on income and wealth disparity.”

And so I say, black founders matter, and that’s…what we’re doing and investing in these best of class companies that are

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Custody Provider Copper Joins Think Tank to Bridge Gap Between Traditional Finance and Crypto

Crypto custodians are in a race to build the next State Street or BNY Mellon. 

There are only a handful of these types of large custody banks and most of them have been around for hundreds of years. But crypto is such a striking example of old world meeting new that it offers firms a rare opportunity to break into a market that would simply be impossible under normal circumstances.

“In the traditional world you can’t really build a custodian, it’s not something you can just break into,” said Diogo Monica, co-founder of Anchorage, a Silicon Valley-based custody platform specializing in crypto. “BNY Mellon has been around for 300 years and now, in crypto, we have a chance to actually build a foundational company that is potentially going to last for that long,” added Monica.

It’s an inspirational long view for sure, but how will things evolve over the short

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Tech Giants Expand Cloud Business Amid Coronavirus: 4 Winners

Alibaba Group Holdings Limited BABA on Jun 9 said that it plans to recruit around 5,000 staff globally in a bid to strengthen its cloud unit. The announcement comes in less than two months after the cloud computing company said that it would invest over $20 billion to build the next-generation datacenters.

Could business has been gaining popularity lately and the COVID-19 pandemic is making its importance felt further with many countries still under lockdown and more people working and learning from home. This has seen the world becoming cloud dependent and companies shifting data and information to technological and digital platforms to safely remain afloat.

Alibaba Aims Big

Alibaba is aiming to recruit 5,000 staff worldwide over the next 10 months, in areas including network, database, servers, chips and artificial intelligence, it said in a statement on Tuesday. This commitment for job creation follows the announcement in April that

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How 3D Printing Is Tackling Big Oil’s Supply Chain Crisis


The Korean form of metallic movable sort was described by the French scholar Henri-Jean Martin as “extraordinarily just like Gutenberg’s”. The earliest surviving woodblock printed fragments are from China. They are of silk printed with flowers in three colours from the Han Dynasty (before 220 A.D.).

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Type-casting was used, tailored from the strategy of casting coins. The character was minimized in beech wood, which was then pressed into a gentle clay to form a mould, and bronze poured into the mould, and finally the type was polished.

Custom on-line printing for professionals.

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