How to Monitor Your Home Using Your Mobile Phone

When the technology was not much advanced, you had to rely on the mercy and

When the technology was not much advanced, you had to rely on the mercy and support of your neighbors to help you keep a watch on your house while you were away. Now with the different advanced technologies available in the market and the private companies offering their service to you, you can leave your house easily without any tensions and yet monitor your home using your mobile phone.

The GPS Method

There are plenty of ways that help you monitor your home using your mobile phone even if you are miles away. One of the methods employs the use of GPS systems that can be placed in areas of importance inside the essential or valuable items in your home. If someone breaks into your house and removes the item, you get an alert on your Smartphone. As soon as you get the alert, you get into touch with your GPS service provider and the latter checks out the position of the item that conceals the GPS tracker. If it is at the same place, there is no problem; else it becomes the duty of the GPS service provider to track the item while informing the police of the theft. Together, they trace the item carrying GPS transmitter to nab the culprits.

Using Surveillance Methods

You can use different surveillance equipments in different and important places in your home and connect all the equipments to your PC through a hub. Once connected, you will need special software that allows you to connect to your PC remotely through a smart phone. You can set the surveillance cameras to capture videos at regular intervals or at any motion detection. Once you setup the periods and enable the motion detection, the cameras will record any activity to your HDD. Many of this software also alert you as soon as a motion is detected. In such cases, you can login to your PC through your mobile smart phone and check if everything is all right.

Alternatively, you can use a rotating camera that connects to the service operator via a hub. The cameras of this category can revolve up to 20 degrees and in some cases, they can rotate up to 360 degrees. In case of any motion detection, you get an instant alert from your service operator. Once you get the alert, you need to call a specific number that connects you to the camera using the address of the hub to which the camera is connected. As soon as you connect to the camera, you can use real time videos or recordings that are stored on a mini HDD that comes with the camera.

These are but some of the methods that answer your question of how to monitor your home using mobile phone. Besides, there are plenty of security methods available that you can check on the internet. You can also speak to the surveillance agents for information. They will explain the latest methods to you.