Learn More About How to Get a Guy to Call You His Girlfriend

After dating a guy for a couple of months, he should be calling you his

After dating a guy for a couple of months, he should be calling you his girlfriend, if he is not, there is a good chance he is never going to. Unfortunately, the truth hurts. However, it is better to know these things rather than continuing to get a broken heart. If there is some concern regarding how to get a guy to call you his girlfriend, it is important to realize, he is never going to commit if he is already getting everything he wants. If a woman is committed to him, sleeping together, spending all of the free time together and he is still not willing to make the commitment, it is time to take action.

Of course, it is never a good idea to try to force him into making the commitment. He is only going to turn and run the other way. Instead, come up with a plan to encourage him to be committed to this relationship. The best way to make him commit to a relationship is to help him to realize most women are not going to put up with it. If he realizes she could easily be gone, he may change his mind about making a commitment.

Basically, women want to commit to him as much as he is willing to commit to them. Rather than bugging him about making a commitment, start flirting with other guys. Some women do this as a way to make their guy jealous. Others do it because they are actually looking for someone who is willing to commit. Either way, guys always want what they cannot have. If he sees someone else is showing an interest, it is likely he will change his mind and decide whether or not this is the right partner.

It is important to understand, women are in control of the relationship. If it is not everything she has always wanted, find someone else. If it feels as if he is the right one, go ahead and keep fighting for the relationship. Otherwise, move on and find someone who is willing to treat you like a queen on a daily basis.