List of things to do in Morocco Tour

If you are looking for activities to do in your free time, Morocco is a

If you are looking for activities to do in your free time, Morocco is a great destination to enjoy that free time. I know that Morocco Tours have a fixed schedule with all the activities you are going to o and they tend to offer everything you need in this country, but sometimes you want to go to another places and discover things on your won and that is totally acceptable. Planning your Morocco Tour is a great thing to do and it is really fun, but if you are in Morocco and you want to do something different, here I will tell you amazing things you can do in your free time.

If you are in Fes, there is something mandatory you need to do: visit the Jmaa el Fnaa by day. This is the famous square of this city in which you will be able to see many things you never thought you will find in Morocco; you will see snake charmers do not be afraid, snake are not going to attack you and this may seem a little scary at the beginning but then you will feel surprised when you see the show, just looking at people with a flute with snakes around them. You will also see people playing with fire and this amazing! You may think in one moment they could get burn but thenyou will realize they are expert and they do this all the time. Moreover, there are some hawkers you can avoid if you want to and some juice sellers I do not recommend you to drink juice here by the way.

There is something popular in Morocco that you can buy if you are not against of that and it is leather. This is so famous that you can see how leather is processed in a special place in one city. Besidesthat, you can buy leather handbags and purses among other thing and you can get the in affordable prices. They are handcrafted here in Morocco and they are beautiful; a great thing to spend your money on.

If you have researched about Arabic culture you may find that the Belly dance is famous. People say that in Morocco this is not famous and it is “old fashioned” but you will be surprised when you figure out that this is not old and you can still see a Belly dance show in some restaurants or places with live shows; this will definitely introduce you to Moroccan and Arabic culture! And also will make you want to dance this music style. And if you are still looking for experiences that enhance Moroccan culture, you should definitely go to a Hamman. This place is like a spa, here you will get a relaxing massage and you will take care of your skin with some amazing treatments that will live your skin as a baby; you will end totally refreshed and ready to continue your Morocco trips and tours.

Another great thing you should definitely do is drinking mint tea, but why you should do that? Well, it is simple, mint tea is the traditional drinking of Morocco and you will love to drink that! This tea is prepared with mint leaves and sugar and Moroccans drink mint tea all the time. So, if you want to refresh, instead of drinking a bear, try some mint tea and enjoy the experience.

So, after reading all the activities you can do in Morocco, how do you feel? People love being here due to the variety of activities they can do and I know that, so if you are feeling bored try these activities and enjoy the experience.