Samsung Nv24hd Electronic Camera Critique

The Samsung NV24HD is a 10 megapixel, compact camera. It has a wide angle, three.6x

The Samsung NV24HD is a 10 megapixel, compact camera. It has a wide angle, three.6x optical zoom lens. The Hd part of its name will come from the fact you can consider even now shots and film clips for playback on a Superior Definition tv set.

Why Invest in the Samsung NV24HD?
The Samsung NV24HD involves a amount of the latest excitement capabilities this kind of as higher definition videos and the skill to quickly consider a photograph if it detects a person smiling. On major of this there is the wide angle lens, a guide publicity mode and the skill to lower and likely reduce crimson eye. All these capabilities occur in a neat and tidy package deal.

Impression Top quality Samsung NV24HD test photographs

Outside one (Medium Zoom)
The NV24HD receives off to a promising start off. Focusing is great, specially in the centre part of the image. There is a reduction of sharpness to the edges, but this will only be an situation with really large prints. Colors glimpse great.

Outside two (No Zoom)
Electronic cameras with wide angle lenses can uncover focusing tough when no zoom is remaining used. This is due to the fact it is difficult to build fantastic top quality into this kind of a little and affordable lens. General the NV24HD does very well, despite the fact that the softer focusing to the edges is all over again in evidence.

Outside three (Most Zoom)
The downside of a wide angle lens is that it requires absent some of the telephoto capabilities of the lens. In other text the lens is not able to zoom in as close as other three.6x zoom lenses. Focusing is inline with my first two shots. There is a reduction of element in the darker areas of the image. This is specially pronounced below the trees to the still left of centre.

Outside 4 (Constructing)
I am joyful with the sharpness of the shots when the subject matter has been at length. Though, as in the first three photographs sharpness will become softer as you go to the edges of the image.

Outside Portrait
The brightness and focusing are fantastic, but the NV24HD guaranteed has packed a great deal of color into this image. The crimson / orange tinge is overdone for my possess personal flavor.

Indoor Portrait with Flash
If something there is far too substantially brightness in this shot as the flash overpowers and addresses up some of the element. As with the outside portrait the pink pores and skin tones are overdone.

Indoor Portrait with no Flash
Without the need of the flash the camera provides a more purely natural looking image. I choose it to the portrait with flash, despite the fact that the pink pores and skin tones could be toned down the moment more.

My dedicated test for colors reveals that the camera is capable of sturdy, vivid color. If something crimson tends to have the higher hand here. This may well go some way to detailing the strength of the pores and skin tones in my portrait photographs.

When it will come to the amount of money of element displaying in the macro shot the NV24HD does really very well. My original macro shot experienced a blue tinge to it and the only way I could get rid of it was to use a personalized white equilibrium placing. You have to have to be mindful of this if you are looking for a electronic camera that you can generally use with entirely automated options. The shot could also do with a touch more brightness.

ISO 400 and ISO 1600
At bigger ISO options the benefits are fairly regular. At ISO 400 sounds is not substantially of an situation in the lighter areas of a image, but is already obvious in shaded or darker areas. At ISO 1600 photograph top quality in all areas is having difficulties.

Maybe the NV24HD is not the best camera on the sector, but it does a respectable work in most circumstances. To get the most out of this camera in terms of photograph top quality you may well have to have to get the job done with the camera’s options.

Shutter Lag
Shutter lag instances have been much better than most electronic cameras manage. A one image took .23 seconds and 5 took seven.forty three seconds. With flash turned on instances have been even now extraordinary with a one image taking .45 seconds and 5 shots taking 12.fifty three seconds.

Start up time was one more additionally stage. To transform the camera on and consider a image took two.two seconds.

You can assess this camera to other products by taking a glimpse at the Shutter Lag Comparison Table.

Model: The design and style of this range of Samsung electronic cameras is distinct to other brands. There is a raised grip region on the front and the lens unit protrudes as very well. The camera is accessible in black and silver.

Proportions: 98.five x 61 x 27mm

Bodyweight: 145.5g

Batteries: Lithium ion. Samsung offer a battery and charging cable with the NV24HD.

Memory cards: Roughly 16mb of storage have been designed into the camera. This is sufficient for all over nine images. To enhance the storage capability you can use both SD and SDHC cards.

Relieve of use score: Incredibly Great. The menu system utilised is distinctive to Samsung. I have to confess it requires a bit of getting utilised to, but the moment mastered it is quick and simple to uncover and transform options.

Factors I like:
Menu system – Start up and Shutter Lag Instances

Wherever it could boost:
Some color challenges

It is not simple to occur up with other electronic cameras with comparable capabilities to the NV24HD. A different compact product with more bells and whistles than regular is the Panasonic DMC Forex-500.

The Samsung NV24HD is a bit distinct to the majority of other compact electronic cameras. It has some added, useful capabilities this kind of as a guide publicity control and Superior Definition videos. Image top quality is great with no actually complicated the best cameras. Shutter lag instances are also really great.

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