Stay Employed and Let Those Security Camera Systems Speak For You

In the workplace, people detest the idea of electronic invisible eyes spying on them. That

In the workplace, people detest the idea of electronic invisible eyes spying on them. That shouldn’t be the case if you want the boss to know you’re committed to your job. How do you use those security camera systems to your advantage?

On the Job and On Camera

Without being told, you know the office or shop where you are working is teeming with security camera systems. You have espied the obvious dome camera in the workroom and you have this niggling feeling that there are secret cameras in your computer. You are correct in assuming this because in this economically shaky time, the boss does not want to waste money on slackers.

How do you prove you are valuable to the boss? Those security camera systems will speak for you. Here’s how:

Don’t use the office internet for private message, shopping, or games. Yes, the boss has installed a sneaky tracking device that will spill the beans. If you are guilty of e-slacking better quit because your computer might be rigged for surveillance. Instead of entertaining yourself on the office computer, keep on with your usual load of computing jobs. There’s no way the boss can fire you on these grounds.

Stop the butterfly act. If you’re the fearless office socialite and love to hop from cubicle to another your every move is recorded by the overhead dome camera. Dome shaped cameras are security camera systems that has you guessing where it is angled at. Instead of taking chances, keep to your cubicle because the boss can calculate the minutes you have wasted chatting on the way.

Shorten that caffeine/nicotine break. Bosses frown on smokers who have to get a fix every 30 minutes. Smoking an entire weed takes 15 minutes and sipping that coffee racks up five more minutes if there are juicy gossips exchanged in-between puffs and sips. That clock on the wall may be doing it’s covert surveillance splendidly; sooner or later expect get a scolding and perhaps the dreaded pink slip.

Don’t let anybody punch your time card for you. Once caught, it will be the end of both your careers. The boss has all the legal right to dismiss you from your job and if his claims are backed with the recordings of his tireless security camera systems, you’re better off dead.

Don’t swipe other people’s property even in jest. On camera, it won’t look good. What people with see is person looking surreptitiously over his shoulder and grabbing a pen or paper clip. What they see is a petty thief. Those security camera systems have no sense of humor; remember that.

Don’t make faces behind anybody’s back. Vent your ire outside of the office. You can make all those crazy faces until kingdom come but never behind the boss’s back. You cannot defend yourself and claim you had a seizure just when he turned his back. Well, he may buy it if you’re convincing enough and have more seizures to prove your point.

See how you can use those security camera systems to your advantage? It is simple really. Just be honest and committed to your work. You will never go wrong and the boss will have no reason to strike your name out of the to-be-fired list.