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How to Monitor Your Home Using Your Mobile Phone

When the technology was not much advanced, you had to rely on the mercy and support of your neighbors to help you keep a watch on your house while you were away. Now with the different advanced technologies available in the market and the private companies offering their service to you, you can leave your house easily without any tensions and yet monitor your home using your mobile phone.

The GPS Method

There are plenty of ways that help you monitor your home using your mobile phone even if you are miles away. One of the methods employs the use of GPS systems that can be placed in areas of importance inside the essential or valuable items in your home. If someone breaks into your house and removes the item, you get an alert on your Smartphone. As soon as you get the alert, you get into touch with your … Read More

YouTube Famous

So you want to become famous on YouTube? I can give you some basic tips that may help you. It’s even possible to make money if you receive enough views. YouTube is a great way to get noticed with hardly any effort at all. With just a video/web camera in hand, you too can be on TV.

YouTube has become well known throughout the online community and has also been acknowledged on national TV. Anyone with video can post online and share their experiences, ideas and entertainment with others. Thanks to YouTube, we can all become our own producers, actors, directors and editors.

Before uploading your first video, I would advise having three “shows” before doing so. You don’t want to disappoint your fans by making them wait around for another video. By having a few videos on hand, you can keep ahead of the game.

Try to use a … Read More

Looking For a Good HD Camcorder For YouTube?

So you took a great video and you want everyone to know (and see) it. What better place to post it in this day and age than YouTube? Although you can post just about any video format on YouTube (it doesn’t have to be.avi), the quality of your video when posted can definitely be affected by the type of camcorder used to shoot it. In addition, you’ll generally want something that’s lightweight, can take good quality video in different lighting conditions, and makes the internet-ready video process easier – so you can just shoot, save, plug in, and upload. Here are some solid recommendations for YouTube-ready video recording:

1) Pure Digital Flip Mino HD. This was the first camcorder designed specifically for YouTube – which means the quality isn’t perfect and the videos are meant for a Web page, not an HDTV. But if you’re looking for the convenience of … Read More

Hunting Cameras and "Deer Camp"

Every year for the past 25 plus years, I have hosted what has been referred to as “deer camp” during the first week of gun season, for my sons, my nephew, and some of their friends from college. Normally, when you think of “camp” it evokes images of tents, sleeping bags, campfires, and no running water-unless there is a nearby stream. This camp is my home, complete with big screen TV and full sized pool table. The group has evolved over the years, but some of the practices remain constant. One of those is the annual ritual of pulling out scrapbooks with the pictures of deer bagged in previous years.

Pictures are labeled: “My first deer,” “Biggest buck of the year,” “Most typical rack,” “Farthest drag,” etc. As the pictures are viewed, each year’s hunt is recalled in great detail by all who were involved. Each image evokes feelings of … Read More