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Florida Fishing – A Guide WIth Florida’s geographical location, saltwater fishing is mostly the focus

Florida Fishing – A Guide

WIth Florida’s geographical location, saltwater fishing is mostly the focus of fishing discussions in the state. The state of Florida actually have more than 3 million acres of lakes and also 12,000 miles of streams and rivers which encompasses freshwater fishery in the Florida state. In this article, freshwater fishing is going to be the primary focus because of the reason that saltwater fishing in different ways are actually different worlds to which you can explore with. As with what was mentioned before, there are different freshwaters that are within the state of Florida.

Two popular freshwater fish that you could angle in Florida are the largemouth bass and the crappie. The largemouth bass are for shear sport and crappie because they are actually considered as delicacies. A largemouth bass fishing in Florida is like any largemouth bass fishing anywhere in the southern United States. The largest lake that you could explore for largemouth bass would be in the state of Florida in lake Okeechobee. This massive lake is actually 730 square mile, which is a relatively shallow lake which comes with an average depth for about nine feet and is in fact the second largest freshwater lake in the United States. This is really a large place for you to hunt for largemouth basses. Another thing is that there are many crappie in lake of Okeechobee for the anglers to catch.
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An effective way to present live bait in Florida is through the use of gang hooks. A set of gang hooks is in fact two small hooks that are tied in tandem which presents the bait in a natural way. Using gang hooks are in fact the best ways when it comes to fishing with worms because there are in fact a lot of fishermen that do it and are also not too bad when used for minnows. The angler will simply hook the lips of the minnow through its top hook and will leave the second hook free. Gang hooks that are at size 8 or 10 are the best ones to use for minnow fishing.
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Getting a florida fishing license is in fact affordable. Resident fishing licenses only cost for several dollars and you can in fact add a saltwater license for few dollars as well. The non-resident fishing license only cost for about $35 and the weekly non-resident license are also available. You in fact can avoid breaking your wallets for the fishing license in Florida. There also are lifetime licenses that are available for the anglers that fish a lot in Florida and does not intend to leave.

With all these various advantages and benefits with Florida fishing, you surely will love to go back again and again.