Use the SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera to Protect Your Home

SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera Product Overview: Your home is your castle, and protecting your

SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera Product Overview:

Your home is your castle, and protecting your castle is a job that involves a little bit more than simply locking your doors at night. Advances in hidden camera technology have given birth to the SleuthGear XtremeLife long-life battery-powered hidden camera system, which allows you to monitor your yard and your home for up to ONE YEAR on a single battery charge.

Catch the vandals who toilet papered your house, or a thief who tries to get into your house when you are away! You can even get evidence of exactly who is stealing your newspaper every morning! The XtremeLife Rock camera will record it all.

The XtremeLife Rock Camera is a completely waterproof hidden camera that you can place anywhere in your yard – by your porch, by a fence, next to a tree, or anywhere you want – and it will blend in perfectly! It is completely self-contained, and features the latest in motion-detection technology that allows it to detect any time that there is movement around your property. It uses advanced passive IR technology to detect changes in heat signatures, which means you will get the most accurate motion-activated recording available on the market!

Whenever the SleuthGear XtremeLife Rock Camera detects there is activity with its wide-angle camera lens, it will “wake up” from sleep mode and begin recording to its internal DVR system, which records video directly to an SD card. The video quality is an amazing 720p+ High-Definition video, so you’ll get clear high-quality color video showing you exactly what is going on when you aren’t around.

Viewing the video is as simple as removing the SD card, and plugging it into your computer!

Installation and Setup:

One of the beauties of the SleuthGear XtremeLife Rock Camera is that it is so simple to set up, that almost anyone can do it! The unit comes ready-to-go out of the box, so all you have to do is charge it up, insert the SD card, and place it wherever you want to monitor! By default, the unit is set to record on motion activation, so if you just want to record when something is going on, the rock is ready to go. If you want to customize exactly how your rock camera records, then you can also set additional features.

Product Features and Settings:

With the setting switches on the XtremeLife Rock Camera DVR unit (contained inside the rock), you can easily adjust the motion detection sensitivity and recording file length. To access more advanced features, you can connect the XtremeLife Rock Camera to any TV (using the included cables) to access a wide variety of options:

  • Resolution – Change the frame rate from 352×288 all the way up to 1280×960
  • Frame Rate – Adjust the frame rate from 1fps up to 30fps
  • Frame Counter – Turn on or off the frame counter stamp, which shows the exact frame number recorded
  • Motion Detection Sensitivity – Adjust to high, medium, or low, to set how sensitive you want the motion detection to be
  • Motion Detection Timer – Set how long you want the unit to record after it detections activity in its field of view – 30 sec, 1min, 3min, 5min, or 10min
  • Motion Detect Zone – Use the on-screen dispaly to set exactly what area of the angle of view you want to detect motion. This option can be used so the motion detection “ignores” a certain area that there might be constant motion, for example, if part of the camera was pointed at a street where cars often drive by.

Video Retrieval and Playback:

Once you are ready to view the video, simply remove the SD card from the interior compartment of the Rock Camera, and take it to your PC. Many users will simply swap out cards, for continual recording.

(The XtremeLife comes with a 2GB card, which will record up to 80 minutes of activity, and will accept up to a 32GB card, which will allow for over 22 hours of recording – and remember, the unit only records when there is motion, so you won’t have any wasted recording space.)

When you open up the SD card drive on your computer, just double-click on the file you want to view, and it will play in any standard media player. You can save the files, or delete them, depending on your need.


  • Up to 365 days of continuous operation on a single battery charge
  • Realistic rock that will blend in almost anywhere
  • High-definition video
  • Next-generation motion activated recording
  • Multiple adjustable recording settings
  • Waterproof


  • Must retrieve SD card to view video to play back on computer


The SleuthGear XtremeLife Hidden Rock Camera is perfect way to monitor and record video of anything suspicious that happens on your property. With its long-life battery capable of an entire year of operation on a single charge, the SleuthGear XtremeLife camera system will help monitor your house when you are away, and provide high-quality high-definition video for all of your home security and surveillance needs.