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Kick starting A body Transformation system. This program is an answer to my many prayers.

Kick starting A body Transformation system. This program is an answer to my many prayers. There is finally a program that you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Losing fat and building muscle at the same time is a bit deceiving. This is because it cannot happen at the same time. The correct thing to say may be within the same period of time. The recommended period of time should be eight weeks. Everybody’s goal is taken care of by the eight week body transformation program. Despite everyone having different goals for body fitness, four goals have been identified. To lose body fat Focus on Muscle Building Focus on Fat Loss with a secondary goal of Building Muscle. Focus on Building Muscle with a secondary goal of Losing Fat. Nutrition timing and cyclical dieting
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However the main focus of this program is on cyclical dieting and nutrition timing. I know you are probably confused by these terms. cycling your diet in simple terms is what is referred to as cyclical dieting. A normal diet for fat loss would have you in a caloric deficit for the whole diet. The Eight Week Body Transformation Program is about cycling your diet so you are in a caloric deficit or a caloric surplus for shorter periods of time. Depending on which goal you choose. This implies that different objectives will have difference in the amount of calories uptake.
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The nutrition timing section focuses on when you need to be fueling your body and with which nutrition aspects such as protein, carbs and fats. Results to Expect The expected results largely depends on the factors listed below. The length of time that one has been participating-The longer it is the faster the gain. The beginners are most likely to gain muscles a lot faster. Your Muscle Memory – It’s easier to regain muscle that you have lost then it is to build new muscle. Genetics- most people know this to be ones body type. For instance there are those bodies that will be more gifted in losing fat and others in gaining muscles. Despite the fact that all people are different, there are those that are generally gifted in various areas. Results may also be affected by drugs intake. Some people will take drugs such as steroids to increase their muscle gains or other drugs to speed up fat burning. This definitely is NOT the way to go. It is very possible to lose weight and build muscles without taking steroids. This program also has the following; recommendations and information on cardio and resistance training. One is taken through some training regarding the lifestyle factors that may influence the transformation. Examples of cycling meal plans are also provided. The Eight Week Body Transformation Program is a program that teaches you nutrition that is necessary for losing fat and Building Muscle at the same time.